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From the 1st of June 2024 we will be increasing fees for consultations with our doctors and for some other services owing to increased utility and practice costs. The out of pocket costs for standard and complex consultations will increase by an average of $5. The majority of our other fees will remain unchanged.

The average gap, or out of pocket cost for a standard consultation in Australia is $40. 


Consultation Type :                          Private Fee:           Medicare Rebate:             Gap:

Standard                                          $81.40                   $41.40                             $40

Complex                                          $125.10                 $80.10                             $45

Prolonged                                       $168.00                 $118.00                            $50


Health care card holders, pensioners, and children under 16 will continue to be bulk billed at this point in time.

Brief follow up care subsequent to a privately billed initial consultation will generally be bulk billed. 


Work Cover and TAC consultations:

No out of pocket fees will apply to work cover and TAC consultations. 


National Immunisation Program vaccinations at Bundoora Medical Centre will be bulk billed


Procedure Type :                        Private Fee:       Medicare Rebate:          Gap:

Spirometry                                 $75.30               $45.30                             $30

Holter Monitor                           $0                     $41.40                              $0

24 hour BP monitor                   $143.35              $113.35                           $30

12 lead ECG                                $50                    $0                                    $50

Skin Biopsy                                 $81.95                $46.95                            $35

Skin lesion excision                    $150                   Variable                          Variable

Liquid Nitrogen treatment         $70.55                $35.55                             $35



A base cost of $10 will apply to all dressings applied by clinical staff. 

Additional costs may apply to dressings using more expensive or specialised products. We will advise you of these charges prior to their use. 



 Costs may also apply:

  • to some vaccinations not covered by the National Immunisation Program
  • to certain injections e.g. vitamin D, Celestone