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Our opening hours are 9am -5.30 pm Monday to Friday.

After hours Locum Service 137425

Appointments: Telephone  9467 4111 or online via our website or the health engine app.

General / non-clinical Enquiries: Telephone 9467 4111 or

Prescription requests - patients: Telephone only 9467 4111

Prescription requests - pharmacies:

Business enquiries:


Feedback, suggestions & complaints:

If you have a problem, we would like to hear about it.  Please feel free to talk to your GP or our practice manager.

Alternatively, leave a note in our suggestion box in the waiting room, or email us.


We take concerns, suggestions and complaints seriously and we will address them.


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Please Note

Due to time constraints, patient privacy and medico legal issues, Email is NOT used by our practice for prescription requests from patients, any kind of clinical request or enquiry, or requests for appointments. Requests of these types made by email will not be attended to and a standard reply advising the patient to contact the clinic by the methods above will follow.

Appointment policy

Appointments can be made by telephone, website or health engine app. Appointments can be made by the patient, a family member, partner or friend known to practice staff.  Appointments CANNOT be made by third parties such as insurance companies, hospital staff, ambulance officers or employers. These requests will be refused.

Patients will receive an appointment reminder the day before the appointment is scheduled by SMS. Pease confirm your appointment via the health engine app. If you are unable to attend please cancel via the app.

Appointment types

We offer both telehealth and face-to-face appointments at Bundoora Medical Centre.  This is at the request of either the doctor or the patient. Decisions on which type of appointment is appropriate depend on factors such as illness type eg: suspected or confirmed COVID 19 infection and timing.

Follow Up

After your consultation or visit, please make a follow up appointment if requested by your doctor or the practice nurse. If you have be asked to perform some tests, such as a blood test or x-rays, you will receive notification by SMS of required further action. This may include:

  • Making a telehealth or face-to-face appointment with the practice nurse to discuss results
  • Making a telehealth or face-to-face appointment with the doctor to discuss results
  • Completing further tests

Patients without access to SMS or the internet will receive a telephone call with the same information.


if you do not receive notification of your results within two weeks of your appointment please contact the clinic by telephone urgently.

New Patients

Bundoora Medical Centre is currently not accepting new walk in patients.


Parking: Located in Bundoora Square shopping centre ample parking is available, including disabled parking areas.

Public transport: Tram no 86 on Plenty Road, stop 67 is at Bundoora Square shopping centre.